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Well, let’s file that under batshit terrifying

I was getting out of the shower in my dorm and I heard a guys voice in the bathroom. Let it be known that the curtains around the showers gap- a lot. It’s usually okay- we’re all ladies here, we don’t look on the way past, but having a guy in the bathroom- what the hell is he doing? He sounded drunk. 

At this point I’m a little freaked out. I’m still drying off and there is a man with questionable purposes in the bathroom. This isn’t a good situation. I start putting my clothes on and the only thing running though my head was ‘Can I fight like this?’ I’ve had two years of training in a Korean martial art but this isn’t the best of conditions. The floor is wet, I’m not dressed. I’m alone. I wrapped my towel around me and turned around, hoping he’d keep going. I heard him getting closer. “Scaredy scared” he kept saying. Well I’m freaking out. I spin around, ready to launch a jump kick at his head if necessary and he hits the curtain. I freeze. He keeps going. It sounds like he’s hitting the wall as he goes past. After a few seconds I start throwing the rest of my clothes on. I’m gonna find this bastard and give him a piece of my mind. Once I got out though he was gone.

Well this is freaky. I found an RA and they’re going to go on a drunk guy hunt but uuuuuuugh. That was freaky.